Delinquent Youth in a Transforming China : A Generation of Strain

Titolo Delinquent Youth in a Transforming China : A Generation of Strain
Autore Bao
Editore Springer
ISBN 978-3-319-63727-3
Soggetto Diritto e Criminologia
Disciplina Diritto e Criminologia
Anno di pubblicazione 2017
Abstract Law and Criminology
Collezione Springer eBooks collections
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Abstract editore This book explores two major social problems facing Chinese society today: increased strain in the lives of young people and heightened rates of crime and delinquency, ultimately examining the links between them. More broadly, it draws on Bronfenbrenner's ecological systems theory and Agnew’s general strain theory to examine the factors and processes affecting young people, leading to life strain and delinquency. It represents the first study of this kind and involves the most systematic and comprehensive literature review of studies on major social, economic, political and cultural changes, as well as youth crime in contemporary China. Bao’s arguments are supported by empirical evidence including data findings and over a decade’s worth of observational research. Shedding new light on the nature of youth crime in a rapidly changing society, this methodical study will benefit policy makers and researchers, helping them to develop tactics and methods to reduce strain in the lives of young people, and thus effectively prevent delinquency in China.
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