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A Kaizen Approach to Food Safety Description
Kafka's The Trial Description
Kala Azar in South Asia Description
Kalevi Holsti: A Pioneer in International Relations Theory, Foreign Policy Analysis, History of International Order, and Security Studies Description
Kalevi Holsti: Major Texts on War, the State, Peace, and International Order Description
Kant and Animals Description
Kant and Colonialism Description
Kant and Rational Psychology Description
Kant and the Empiricists Description
Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy Description
Kant and the Historical Turn Description
Kant and the Philosophy of Mind Description
Kant and the Science of Logic Description
Kant and the Sciences Description
Kant and the Transcendental Object Description
Kant on Evil, Self-Deception, and Moral Reform Description
Kant on Mind, Action, and Ethics Description
Kant on Practical Justification Description
Kant on Proper Science Description
Kant, Hume, and the Interruption of Dogmatic Slumber Description
Kant, Science, and Human Nature Description
Kant’s Human Being Description
Kant’s Modal Metaphysics Description
Kant’s Politics in Context Description
Kant’s Thinker Description
Kantian Conceptual Geography Description
Kantian Consequentialism Description
Kantian Ethics Description
Kantian Humility Description
Kantian Subjects Description
Kant's Anatomy of the Intelligent Mind Description
Kant's Elliptical Path Description
Kant's Empirical Realism Description
Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals Description
Kant's Revolutionary Theory of Modality Description
Kant's Revolutionary Theory of Modality Description
Kant's System of Nature and Freedom Description
Kant's Theory of Action Description
Kant's Theory of Knowledge Description
Kant's Theory of Mind Description
Kant's Theory of Self-Consciousness Description
Kant's Transcendental Deduction Description
Kant's Transcendental Deduction Description
Karl Marx Description
Karl Marx and the Postcolonial Age Description
Keepin' It Real Description
Keeping Cool in Southeast Asia Description
Kenneth Boulding Description
Kernel Learning Algorithms for Face Recognition Description
Kernel methods for pattern analysis Description
Key Aspects of German Employment and Labour Law Description
Key Insights into Basic Mechanisms of Mental Activity Description
Key issues for mountain areas Description
Key Technologies of Magnetically-Coupled Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Description
Key Thinkers of the Radical Right Description
Keynes’s General Theory Reconsidered in the Context of the Japanese Economy Description
Keynesian Economics and Price Theory Description
Keynesian reflections : effective demand, money, finance, and policies in the crisis Description
Keynes's Vision Description
Kidnap Description
Kidney Development and Disease Description
Kierkegaard and the Limits of the Ethical Description
Kierkegaard's and Heidegger's Analysis of Existence and its Relation to Proclamation Description
Killing bin Laden: A Moral Analysis Description
Killing by Remote Control Description
Killing in Self-Defence Description
Killing in War Description
Killing on Command Description
Killing Time Description
Kindergarten Transition and Readiness Description
Kinds of Reasons Description
Kinds, Things, and Stuff Description
Kinesins and Cancer Description
Kinesthetic Perception Description
Kinetics of Enzyme-Modifier Interactions Description
Klansville, U.S.A. Description
Knee Joint Vibroarthrographic Signal Processing and Analysis Description
Knocking in Gasoline Engines Description
Know How Description
Knowing and Seeing Description
Knowing and Seeing Description
Knowing Better Description
Knowing by Perceiving Description
Knowing Emotions Description
Knowing How Description
Knowing Other Minds Description
Knowing Our Limits Description
Knowing Our Own Minds Description
Knowing Persons Description
Knowing Right From Wrong Description
Knowing What To Do Description
Knowing, Not-Knowing, and Jouissance Description
Knowledge and Conditionals Description
Knowledge and Coordination Description
Knowledge and its Limits Description
Knowledge and its Place in Nature Description
Knowledge and Lotteries Description
Knowledge and Practical Interests Description
Knowledge and Presuppositions Description
Knowledge and Reality Description
Knowledge and Rural Development Description
Knowledge and Systems Engineering Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference KSE 2013, Volume 1 Description
Knowledge and Systems Engineering Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference KSE 2013, Volume 2 Description
Knowledge and Systems Engineering Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference KSE 2014 Description
Knowledge and the State of Nature Description
Knowledge and Truth in Plato Description
Knowledge and virtue in early Stoicism Description
Knowledge as a Driver of Regional Growth in the Russian Federation Description
Knowledge as Property Description
Knowledge Ascriptions Description
Knowledge by Agreement Description
Knowledge Capture in Financial Regulation : Data-, Information- and Knowledge-Asymmetries in the US Financial Crisis Description
Knowledge Creation in Community Development Description
Knowledge Creation in Education Description
Knowledge Creation in Public Administrations Description
Knowledge Engineering and Management Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Shenzhen, China, Nov 2013 (ISKE 2013) Description
Knowledge Engineering and Management Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering, Beijing, China, Dec 2012 (ISKE 2012) Description
Knowledge First Description
Knowledge in a Social World Description
Knowledge in an Uncertain World Description
Knowledge Management and Information Tools for Building Maintenance and Facility Management Description
Knowledge Management for Development Description
Knowledge Management for School Education Description
Knowledge Management Value Creation Through Organizational Learning Description
Knowledge on Trust Description
Knowledge Preservation Through Community of Practice Description
Knowledge Sharing in Chinese Hospitals Description
Knowledge Spillovers in Regional Innovation Systems Description
Knowledge Synthesis Description
Knowledge Through Imagination Description
Knowledge, Belief, and God Description
Knowledge, Policy, and Expertise Description
Knowledge, Truth, and Duty Description
Knowledge-Based Driver Assistance Systems Description
Knowledge-Based Growth in Natural Resource Intensive Economies Description
Knowledge-Based Information Systems in Practice Description
Knowledge-creating Milieus in Europe Description
Kohlberg Revisited Description
Korea under Siege, 1876-1945 Description
Korea’s Quest for Economic Democratization Description
Korea-China Relations in History and Contemporary Implications Description
Korean Education in Changing Economic and Demographic Contexts Description
Korean Women in Leadership Description
Krister Segerberg on Logic of Actions Description
Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions - 50 Years On Description
Kurdish Diaspora Online Description
The Kamar Description
The Kiwifruit Genome Description
The Knowledge We Have Lost in Information Description
The Korean Government and Public Policies in a Development Nexus, Volume 1 Description
The Kyoto Manifesto for Global Economics Description