Key issues for mountain areas

Title Key issues for mountain areas
Author Iastenia Andrei A. .
Jansky Libor F.
Price Martin F
Publisher United Nations university press
ISBN 9789280870671
Subject Sviluppo sostenibile
Branch of learning Economia
Publishing year 2004
Abstract The challenges of mountain environments : water, natural resources, hazards, desertification, and the implications of climate change. Mountain infrastructure : access, communications, and energy. Legal, economic, and compensation mechanisms in support of sustainable mountain development. Sustaining mountain economies : poverty reduction and livelihood opportunities. Mountain tourism and the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. Democratic and decentralized institutions for sustainability in mountains. Conflict and peace in mountain societies. National policies and institutions for sustainable mountain development. Prospective international agreements for mountain regions. The role of culture, education, and science for sustainable mountain development.
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Publisher abstract Mountain areas cover a quarter of the Earth's land surface, with 26 percent of the global population living in them or very close by. Mountain people and mountain environments are particularly threatened by global environmental change and economic and political forces. A disproportionate number of conflicts occur in mountain regions, and their inhabitants include many of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world. How can we preserve fragile mountain ecosystems that provide critical goods and services, while improving the conditions of those who live there? This book explores these issues, with particular emphasis on appropriate institutions and policies for sustainable mountain development. The book includes information from the Bishkek Global Mountain Summit, the concluding global event of the International Year of Mountains 2002.
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